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Z. Lomsadze • Scientific degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences – 1999; • Scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences – 1995; • Academic degree equal to the Master of Engineering-Metallurgy (M.Sc.) – 1986; • Academic degree equal to the Master of Laws (TSU) -2002; • Manager Qualification (GTU -UNESCO Education Fund) 1995; • Translator of English Scientific-Technical Literature (SPI) – 1985; • Holds the academic title of Professor; • Full member of the Georgian Academy of Engineering; • Expert of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences in the field of metallurgy; • Patent Attorney of Georgia; • Member of the Georgian Bar Association; • Has passed the qualification exams for lawyers in civil and criminal law, as well as the qualification exams for the employees of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia and the official of the Election Administration of Georgia; • Head of the Ethics Commission of the GTU Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy; • President of AIP Georgian Welders Association; • Published more than 50 scientific papers in the fields of pressure metal processing and ecology, has received 12 patents for inventions; • Accreditation Expert for Academic Education Programs of the National Center for Quality Development in Education LEPL and a facilitator of the process of developing professional education programs and standards; • Co-author and supervisor of the professional educational program "Artistic Processing of Metals"; • Awarded the Medal of Honor (1999) and the Order of Honor (2013). Languages: Russian - fluent, English - reading and translation Computer skills: Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Power Point, Microsoft Office Excell Marital status: Married, he has a wife, a son-in-law and two grandchildren.

"Climate Change and Energy Challenges in Georgia and Ways to Solve Them"K. Vezirishvili-Nozadze, E. Pantskhava, Z. Lomsadze articleParadigms of Institutional, Economic and Cultural Development of the Society “June 26, 2019. Pp.46-53 Riga- ISSN:2587-5000 EnglishContract
Renewable energy resources and energy saving perspectives in Kakheti regionK. Vezirishvili-Nozadze, N. Mirianashvili, Z. LomsadzearticleQuarterly peer-reviewed and peer-reviewed international scientific journal business engineering. N3-4, 2020. pp.163-168- ISSN 1512 - 0538 GeorgianState Targeted Program
THE LIQUID SORBENT CONDITIONAL SYSTEMS ON GEOTHERMAL WATER BASEVezirishvili-Nozadze, Ir. Jordania, T. Nozadze, N. Mirianashvili, T. Tsotsonava-Durglishvili, Z. LomsadzearticleHerald of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Chemistry Series, Vol. 42, N3- ISSN 0132-60-74 EnglishContract
Энергосберегающие теплонасосные системы тепло-и хладоснабженияК.Везиришвили-Нозадзе Э.Панцхава Н.Арабидзе, З.Ломсадзеconference proceedingsПроблемы Энерго- и Ресурсосбережения №3-4, 2018 Ташкент, 192-196- ISSN 2091-5985 RussianState Targeted Program
Status of use of renewable, non-traditional energy resources in Georgia and prospects for their inclusion in the fuel energy complex of their countryZ. Lomsadze, N. Mirianashvili, N. Grdzelishvili, K. Kvirikashvili, V. Khitarishviliconference proceedingsI International Scientific-Technical Conference - ISSN-1512-0120 GeorgianState Targeted Program
Georgia's Priorities and Resources: Myths, History, PerspectivesG. Talakvadze, I. Archvadze, Z. LomsadzearticleIEPUR Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, "Economics of nature management and sustainable development”, №8(27), s.s. 95-103, 2020, Kyiv.- - RussianState Targeted Program
Use of renewable energy sources and European experience of ecological safety in GeorgiaZ. Lomsadze, N. Mirianashvili, D. Gamezardashvili, A. Dvaladze, K. KvirikashviliarticleJournal "Science and Technology", # 2 (734), Tbilisi, 2020, 8.- ISSN 0130-7061 GeorgianState Targeted Program
Study of the efficiency of using heat pumps in air conditioning systemsLomsadze Z., Mirianashvili, N. Vezirishvili-Nozadze K., Gamezardashvili D., Dvaladze A.articleSciences of Europe Vol 1, N60 (2020), 5- ISSN 3162-2364 RussianState Targeted Program
Challenges and prospects of farmland amelioration in regions of east GeorgiaZ.Lomsadze, K.Makharadze, R. PirtskhalavaarticleSciences of Europe Vol 2, N58 (2020), 6- ISSN 3162-2364 EnglishState Targeted Program
Georgian Natural Resources (Brief Review)Z.Lomsadze, N.Chitanava, O. Paresishvili, G. Magalashvili, K. Vezirishvili-Nozadze, T. Patarkalashvili, L. Kvaratskhelia, N. MirianashviliarticleAnnals Of Agrarian Science V 17, N 1 March 2019- - EnglishState Targeted Program
Georgian Natural Resources (Brief Review)Z.Lomsadze, N.Chitanava, O. Paresishvili, G. Magalashvili, K. Vezirishvili-Nozadze, T. Patarkalashvili, L. Kvaratskhelia, N. MirianashviliarticleAnnals Of Agrarian Science V 17, N 1 March 2019- - EnglishState Targeted Program
Georgian Natural Resources (Brief Review)Z.Lomsadze, N.Chitanava, O. Paresishvili, G. Magalashvili, K. Vezirishvili-Nozadze, T. Patarkalashvili, L. Kvaratskhelia, N. MirianashviliarticleAnnals Of Agrarian Science V 17, N 1 March 2019- - EnglishState Targeted Program
Problems of drinking water in Kakheti regionZ.Lomsadze, K.Maxaradze, D. Gamezardashvili, R.pirtskhalavaarticleJournal of Agronomy Technology and Engineering Management 2019, Vol 1(1)- - EnglishState Targeted Program
Analysis of the process of transverse deformation of cylindrical bodiesZ. Lomsadze, J. Lomsadze, S. Mebonia, A. TutberidzearticleJournal "Science and Technology", N1 (727), Tbilisi, 2018.- ISSN-0130-7061 -GeorgianState Targeted Program
Water resources of Kakheti and ecological problemsZ.Lomsadze, K.Maxaradze, R.pirtskhalava, M.TsitskishviliarticleAnnals Of Agrarian Science 15 N2 (2017) Final version published online 10-05-2017- - EnglishState Targeted Program
The Ecological Problems Of Rivers Of GeorgiaZ.Lomsadze,K.Makharadze, R.PirtskhalavaarticleAnnals Of Agrarian Science 14 (2016) Final version published online 27-OCT-2016 2016.08.009- - EnglishState Targeted Program
Theoretical determination of specific pressure and force of drawing in roller matricesJ. Lomsadze, A. Mebonia, Z.Lomsadze, S.MeboniaarticleGTU Transactions N4 (490), 2013- ISSN 1512-0996 GeorgianState Targeted Program
Natural Resources of GeorgiaI.Zhordania, Z.Lomsadze, T.Urushadze, L.Chikava, G.Maghalashvili end etc.monographPublishing House of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi 2015, 1184 p- ISBN 978-9941-0-8386-0, ISBN 978-9941-0-8387-7 GeorgianState Targeted Program
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Investigation of the deformation center during double rolling of square blanksS.Katamadze, J.Lomsadze, Z.Lomsadze, S.MeboniaarticleCollection of works of AES of Ukraine - ISSN 1028-2335 RussianContract
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Спаренная прокатка квадратных заготовокj.Lomsadze, S.Mebobnia, Z.Lomsadze, S.KatamadzearticleМинистерство обра-зования и науки Украины Академия инженер-ных наук Украины Общегосударственный научно-техничесий журнал ТЕОРИЯ И ПРАТИКА МЕТАЛЛУРГИИ 3-4 май август 2010 Днепропетровск 2010- ISSN 1028-2335 RussianContract
Obtaining of the periodical profiles with the exact pitch by means of the combined processes of rolling and drawingJ. Lomsadze, Z.Lomsadze, S. Mebonia, T. Natriashvili, articleInternational scientific journal of IFToMM (International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science) PROBLEMS OF MECHANICS, #2(43), 2011 Tbilisi 2011- ISSN 1512-0740 EnglishContract
Calculation of the economic efficiency of shears for longitudinal cutting of railsV.N.Cheishvili, Z.J.Lomsadze, V.Menteshashviliconference proceedingsModemi Ltd/Problems of welding, metallurgy and related technologies Collection VIII International scientific and technical conference Tbilisi 2003/2003/-/159-166- 99928-0-662-1 RussianContract
Theoretical foundations of the pipe preparation processZ.Lomsadze, j.LomsadzearticleGTU Transactions N2 (448), 2003- ISSN-1512-0996 GeorgianState Targeted Program

IV International Scientific Conference "Energy: Regional Problems and Development Perspectives"Kutaisi, Georgia201629.10.2016Akaki Tsereteli State UniversityNon-traditional, renewable resources - an alternative to solving environmental problemsoral

The causes of environmental damage caused by the burning of organic fuels in the world are analyzed. It has been shown that one of the promising directions for reducing the environmental damage caused by the burning of organic fuels is the widespread use of non-traditional, renewable energy sources for thermal and electrical energy. The scientific-research works carried out by international and local organizations in the country were analyzed, which shows that Georgia has a large supply of renewable, non-traditional energy resources: be it 43 hydro, solar, wind, geothermal water or biogas alternative resources. However, the laws supporting their development have not been adopted so far, so the level of use of these resources is currently very low, and this happens when our country buys 300 million GEL of natural gas abroad annually. 50% of natural gas consumed in Georgia is used to obtain low-potential thermal energy (40-150 ° C) to provide heating and hot water. The report focuses on ways to solve these problems.

V International Scientific Conference "Energy: Regional Problems and Development Perspectives"Kutaisi, Georgia201825.10.2018-26.10.2018Akaki Tsereteli State UniversitySpecifics of using heat pump installations in Georgiaoral

From the research presented in the report, it is clear that there are significant losses of thermal energy in beer production, the reduction of which will be effective by using energy-saving heat pump installations. In the production of beer, as a result of the use of heat pump equipment, in case of maximum utilization of secondary energy resources, it is possible to reduce costs by about 25-30%. As a result, the cost of manufactured products will be significantly reduced.

https://institutes.gtu.ge/uploads/სერტიფიკატი 2018, ქუთაისი.PDF
5th Annual Scientific Conference `Current Problems of Mining and GeologyTbilisi, Georgia201814.12.2018LEPL Tsulukidze Mining InstituteProblems related to Tkibuli-Shaori depositoral

The article provides laboratory data, based on which it is concluded that the so-called “waste rocks” in Tkibuli-Shaori coal deposit – using argillites, clays, enrichment plant “tails”, sludge and ash, can produce a number of necessary constuction and “reftactory” bricks, Types of tiles, cement, clay-soil, aluminum and its alloys – ferrosilicoaluminum, silumin, sialon, and the most important fertilizer for agriculture from coal sludge “humates”. All this will contribute to the development of the economy and the creation of hundreds of jobs.

https://institutes.gtu.ge/uploads/სერტიფიკატი 2018.PDF
International Scientific Conference - Paradigms of Institutional, Economic Research and Development. LatviaLatvia, Riga201926.07.2019-Climate Change and Challenges Facing the Power Engineering in Georgia, and Ways of their Solutionoral


International Scientific-Practical Conference «Georgia's Natural Resources and Prospects for Sustainable Development of Manufacturing Forces» Tbilisi, Georgia202117.11.2021-18.11.2021I.Zhordania Center Studying Productive Forces and Natural Resources of Georgia of the GTUPROBLEMS OF DRINKING WATER FOR CONSUMPTION OF HOUSEHOLDERS AND OF FRESH WATER FOR RECLAMATION OF LANDS IN GEORGIAoral

The modern stage of society and economic development is characterized by a growing trend of water demand, which is becoming increasingly difficult to meet with available resources. Providing the population with clean, quality water resources and the acute shortage of fresh water already identified in the world is one of the global problems. Water resource is one of the main national treasures among the diverse natural resources of Georgia. With an average annual freshwater layer (810 mm) formed on the ground, Georgia ranks one of the first countries among the former Soviet republics, and in terms of renewable water resources, it ranks 87th among countries in the world. Georgia's water resources (Eastern Georgia's water supply is 10 billion m3, in western Georgia - 50 billion m3) are widely used in all sectors of the country's economy. Water consumption is especially important for the needs of the population for drinking and irrigation of lands. The index of water resources utilization and exploitation (total annual water consumption (in percentage) of renewable fresh water compared to long-term average annual volumes) is low in the country and is only 4%, although the total annual average rate of fresh water use is increasing every year.

International Scientific-Practical Conference «Georgia's Natural Resources and Prospects for Sustainable Development of Manufacturing Forces» Tbilisi, Georgia202117.11.2021-18.11.2021I.Zhordania Center Studying Productive Forces and Natural Resources of Georgia of the GTUDevelopment of the concept of Georgian Natural Resources Information-Electronic Platformoral

The concept for an electronic information platform of natural resources of Georgia has been developed at the I.Zhordania Center Studying Productive Forces and Natural Resources of Georgia of the GTU. The platform will reflect the complete data available to us for today about the natural resources of any region of Georgia, such as: minerals, construction raw materials, fuel-energy, renewable and non-traditional energy resources, geothermal and mineral waters, land, water and forest resources, recreational and tourist resources, their location, stocks, field of application, efficiency and possible scale, economic characteristics of the region, etc.

The platform will enable us to provide complete information about the resource potential of the region to the stakeholders in a visual accessible form that will help to develop a state policy for their active involvement in economic turnover and attract local and foreign investment. 

https://institutes.gtu.ge/uploads/სერტიფიკატი 2021.PDF

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esearch and improvement of the process of plastic formation of the surface of complex configuration of axiometric productsGeorgian Technical University, 2021

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Processing and investigation of the reversible cutting process of rollers on scissorsGeorgian Technical University, 1995

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I.Zhordania, O.Paresishvili, K.Makharadze, Z.Lomsadze etc.Georgian Technical University, Georgian National Academy of SciencesGeorgia01/01/2015

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Georgian production forces and natural resourcesGeorgia01/01/2021

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"Study of Georgia's Natural and Human (Labor) Resources Potential and Sectoral and Regional Problems of Its Use"State budget 01.01.2015-31.12.2021Head

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P 5948SakpatentiGEZ.Lomsadze, J.Lomsadze, S.Mebonia, M.Mikautadze, s.KatamadzeHow to make a square profile rollerActing2012-
P2068SakpatentiGEZ.Lomsadze, J.Lomsadze, S.Mebonia, M.Mikautadze, s.KatamadzeProfile product press toolActing2013-

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