Naili Kapanadze

Institute of Hydrometeorology

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Statistical analyzis of cloud resourses over the territory of Eastern Georgia N. Begalishvili, N. Kapanadze, N. Robitashvili, G. Robitashvili, I. RukhadzearticleTransactions of the Institute of Hydrometeorology, 2002/V. 107, P. 241-253.- ISSN 1512-0902 -GeorgianState Targeted Program
On the restoration of precipitation modification activitiesin Eastern Georgia A.Amiranashvili, M.Bakhsoliani, N. begalishvili, N. Beradze, B. Beritashvili, R. Rekhviashvili, T. Tsintsadze, N. Rukhadze, N. KapanadzearticleTransactions of the Institute of Hydrometeorology, 2002/V. 108, P. 249-260.- ISSN 1512-0903 -RussianState Targeted Program

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